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Miss. Rabia Ilyas Nutritionist / Dietitian


  • Q: What diet is best for PCOS?

Ans: A balanced diet with sufficient portions of good carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Stay away from processed and refined foods.

  • Q: Is Dairy bad for PCOS?

Ans: Dairy is not bad. Just take care of the source.

  • Q: How can I lose weight fast with PCOS?

Ans: With PCOS, weight loss is a slow process due to insulin resistance problem. Do exercise and take a portion controlled diet.

  • Q: How often should PCOS be checked?

Ans: Major symptoms of PCOS are menstrual irregularity, hirsutism and weight gain. If you face only two of these symptoms, visit a gynecologist ASAP.

  • Q: Should I count calories, carbs, protein, or fat in PCOS?

Ans: Yes, To manage weight in any condition, tracking the calories intake is very important.
Plus the insulin level is quite distured in case of many PCOS patients. So you need to take care of the carbohydrates more specifically.

  • Q: How much protein should I eat?

Ans: Thumb role is to take equal grams of protein as your ideal body weight. For example, if you have 60 kgs of weight, take 60grams of protein daily.
But this role changes in case of children and elderly people.

  • Q: Are smoothies and juices good for PCOS?

Ans: Yes if you are taking organic products and not exceeding your dietary requirements.

  • Q: What are the do not eat things in PCOS?

Ans: Don’t , Refined products like white bread, muffins, cakes, rusks etc.
Sugary drinks
Processed meat

Miss. Rabia Ilyas

Nutritionist / Dietitian


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