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Routine Care of New Born

Routine Care of New Born

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Routine Care of New Born

Dr. Ahsan Afzal
  • Q: What routine procedures are done to the newborn?

Ans: Soon after delivery the newborn babies are dried and rewarmed in a delivery room where a temperature of 26 C is maintained secretions if any are cleaned newborn is given INJ vit K through IM ROUTE POVIDINE based cream is applied at umblicus. Newborn is thoroughly examined and handed over to parents. Ideal technique is providing kangaroo care in which unclothed newborn is placed over bare chest of the mother for feeding and both are wrapped. Head should be covered because heat loss is greatest from the head.

  • Q: Why is newborn care important?

Ans: Newborn Care is important because if negligence is done during this crucial stage of transition from intrauterine Life to extrauterine life serious damage can take place.

  • Q: What should newborns sleep in?

Ans: In a crib which should be cozy and should sleep on back.

  • Q: What happens at baby’s 1 month check up?

Ans: At 1 month exam particular attention should be paid to weight gain feeding practices and issues sleep pattern and routine
Any maternal concern should be appropriately addressed
Emphasis and encouragment should be given to breastfeeding and vaccinations
Counselling regarding colic should also be done
Normal crying pattern should be explained to mother

  • Q: Do babies get vaccines at one month?

Ans: No vaccines at 1 month
Done at 6 , 10 ,14 Wks of age after the 1st week vaccine.

  • Q: How much should I feed my newborn?

Ans: Newborn feeding should always be on demand mother should recognize the signs of hunger like crying opening of mouth and turning the head from side to Side and should offer feed on demand.

  • Q: How can I make vaccine shots easier on my baby?

Ans: Vaccinations should be done  regularly
One should go for vaccine with baby wearing loose clothes
Paracetamol should be given for pain relief at The 6hrly interval for 2 to 3 days
Diaper straps should be loose if vaccinated on anterolateral thigh.


Dr. Ahsan Afzal

Child Specialist



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